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Let me introduce myself, my name is Mitchell Levine and I'm the owner and operator of Jag Repairs. As a certified mechanic with the Jaguar Master Program. I have more than thirty years experience working on Jaguars. I started with Jaguar working for the largest dealer in New York, Hempstead Auto Co. Moving to Florida I joined Palm Beach Motor Cars in West Palm. I have spent the last 21 years as the owner / operator of Jag Repairs.

Why jag repairs and not the local repair shop

All Jaguars are difficult to repair, the 2005 and newer are worse. Any shop that tells you they can service or repair your 2005—newer Jaguar, is wrong. Besides an oil change, without factory software called SDD made for Jaguar & Range Rover. There is nothing they can do. Don’t be fooled, the software was made to keep these cars at the Dealer. You need to purchase this equipment along with the software from a company called Topix. The hardware cost $1500 and the software is $1300 per year. No foreign car repair shop will buy this equipment to repair two models.  

Our staff

Mitchell Levine—Owner

Mitchell Levine - Owner Dealer trained as a Master Mechanic since 1979. Left dealer in 1992 to open Jag Repairs.

Jared Garcia-Tech

Jared Garcia -Tech Jared has been with Jag Repairs for two years.

Tod Horton—Tech

Tod Horton - Tech Tod has been with us for over 10 years. He is the shop's second in comand.

Our Shop

"Bringing Your Jaguar to A Local Foreign Car Repair Shop Is The Same As Having Your Plumber Represent You In Court As Your Lawyer".

Jag Repairs is a full service shop. We service and repair all years and models of Jaguar. For the last 21 years Jag Repairs has been know for it’s expert repairs. What most of you don’t know is Jag Repairs also does interior work. We repair or replace headliners, seats and carpet to factory specs. We also do expert body work. With the help of our business partners we can tackle any type of collision job. We work with all the insurance companies.

For the last twenty-one years Jag Repairs has repaired nothing but Jaguars. Many times we have been asked to repair other models. We explain to our customers that while we have the knowledge, without the proper tools and equipment we become parts changers. At the end of the day we have wasted our time and your money. We stick to what we know best repairing Jaguars. Jag Repairs is your one stop shop for all your Jaguar’s needs.

Our clients say...

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Mitch is a real pro. His work is excellent and prices are fair. I come from Miami to visit his shop. " - Stacy B. Miami, Fl.

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I took my car to Mitch the next weekend - I was going out of town for four days again. When I got back, Mitch had fixed all THIRTEEN things on my list all at a fair price, and on time! He again went ABOVE the call of duty to diagnose and repairs issues that any "normal" non-psycho-car-lover would have just overlooked. Mitch, thanks again, for doing EXACTLY what you promised, at a GREAT price, on TIME. ” —Dawn C. Hollywood,Fl.

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All that I can say, is THANK GOD for Jag Repairs. Mitch is definitely my mechanic forever. He is knowledgeable, fair, and just a nice guy. I love my jag, and he keeps it running great at a fair price. ”—Tim M. Parkland, Fl


Monday—Friday: 8.00 am—5.50 pm | Saturday—Sunday: Close

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